Sunday, January 1, 2012

Grilled Gazpacho

Since it's a cold, veggie soup, gazpacho is normally served in the summer.  But, we're anything but normal here, so why not enjoy some gazpacho (that involves grilling outside....well, in the garage) in January?  Sounded good to us - and it tasted good too!  If you don't like spicy food - I would either leave out the Tabasco® or at least cut the amount in half.  It was quite spicy!

Grilled Gazpacho
Recipe from Weber's Charcoal Grilling
Serves 4-6

6 plum tomatoes
3 red bell peppers
2 red onions
1 tsp kosher salt
1/2 tsp freshly ground black pepper
2 cups low sodium tomato juice, plus more for thinning the soup
1/4 cup fresh basil, chopped
1 tbsp red wine vinegar
1/4 tsp Tabasco® sauce
1/2 English cucumber, peeled, seeded and diced
1/2 cup sour cream

1.  Prepare and heat a charcoal or gas grill.  Core each tomato and cut in half lengthwise.  Cut the the peppers into wide lengthwise strips, reserving 2 strips.  Cut the onions into 1/2 inch slices, reserving one slice.  Finely chop the reserved pepper and onion, set aside for garnish.  Lightly coat the tomatoes, peppers and onions with oil and season with salt and pepper.

2.  Grill the tomatoes, peppers and onions over direct medium heat, turning occasionally until the skins of the peppers and tomatoes are blistered and the onions are slightly charred and crisp-tender.  Remove the vegetables and let cool.  Remove any burnt pieces of the vegetables.

3.  In a blender or food processor, pureé the vegetables with the tomato juice, working in batches if necessary.  Chill for at least 8 hours, preferably overnight.

4.  When the pureé is thoroughly chilled, check the texture; if it is too thick, add more tomato juice.  Add the basil, vinegar and Tabasco® sauce.   
5.  Serve the gazpacho cold or at room temperature and top with diced cucumber, bell pepper, onion and a dollop of sour cream.

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